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Nick Massari

Vice President, STARS Athletic Mindset

As a student of the game and an operator of one of the largest youth sports facilities in the country, Nick realizes the importance of mental health and development in student-athletes. He has a passion for advancing players’ level of play while teaching life lessons through sports that can help shape young athletes into productive members of society. His vision with Athletic Mindset Services is to empower the minds of athletes early on in their career so they can reach their full potential bo...

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Our Coaches

Soccer & Softball

Kelly Talar

Montclair St. University


Joanna Coe

LPGA, Merion Golf Club


Tina Leuthner

James Madison University


Jaime Land

Rowan University

Lacrosse & Track

Kathleen Jaeger

The College of New Jersey

What We Do

Our Athletic Services

Individual Coaching

We assess the athlete through an online questionnaire, meet and greet, and parental conference. Once completed, we develop a custom 8 or 10-session program designed specifically to focus on conquering the player’s current issues and building them up to face potential future challenges. These sessions will be held with a uniquely paired athletic life coach via in-person or virtual appointments.

Team Training

For coaches, our clinics are an opportunity to get your players thinking differently on and off the field. We can customize a curriculum based on specific need, or we can keep to our traditional educational platform. Your players will learn the techniques and strategies that surround our eight mindset elements: confidence-building, focus skills, dealing with stress and anxiety, emotion management, leadership tools, goal setting, visualization techniques and mindfulness. Typically done in one day, this clinic is more than just a seminar. We will carry out interactive conversations and physical activities through breakout sessions that will keep players engaged and committed to understanding!

Coaching Coaches

It’s not unusual for coaches to feel disconnected with your team or have trouble trying to get the most out of your players, especially during those pressure situations. Let us help! We’ll give you proven methods to increase your players’ mental approach so they can be more successful on and off the field. Furthermore, we know that in today’s world of youth sports there is more to manage than just the players! Parents, fans, officials, and other coaches are often the biggest challenges! Don’t worry, our coaches deal with it too! We can show you some techniques to avoid confrontation and improve the relationships with your team families.

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