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Bronwyn Bergen

President, STARS Kids Life Coaches

I founded STARS Kids Life Coaches in 2019 to help children address the many challenges with growing up in today’s frenetic society. Whether it’s developing a growth mindset or dealing with adversity, I’m passionate about empowering young people with the resilience and confidence to succeed.

In a 30-year career as a schoolteacher, I learned the critical importance of a caring and quality school experience. I also came to appreciate the limitations of what can be accomplished in the classroom to create the self-acceptance, self-awareness and coping tools that many children require to succeed. That was the inspiration that led me to become a life coach. Now, I can focus on the unique needs and thinking patterns of an individual child. Whether he or she faces typical challenges in our competitive academic environment or is struggling with a learning disability, attention deficit, or lack of self-esteem, it is a joy for me to be a partner in each individual journey.

Besides a career teaching diverse groups of children in the classroom, I’ve invested in a lifetime of learning. In addition to an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a master’s in education and psychology, I’ve taken an additional 65 credits that prepared me for an array of coaching challenges. They include specialized certified training in social skills, conflict resolution, LGBTQ youth, mindfulness, anxiety disorders, and cognitive and behavioral awareness.

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What We Do

Services We Provide

Individual Coaching

An in-depth program based on a pre-assessment diagnostic followed by one-on-one counseling incorporating neuroscience, psychology and education strategies tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Parental Counsel

Leveraging insights from child coaching, we discovered ways to help parents handle family challenges. Our new step-by-step program shares perspectives and strategies to shift behaviors and enhance family dynamics.


What Parents Say

We started using Bronwyn Bergen as a life coach for our 11-year-old son about 9 months ago, after his dad researched many different options around the country. We could not be more pleased with the results. Bronwyn has a beautiful way of connecting with him. While we were concerned because of the zoom/phone, it worked out so well! She has improved his self-esteem, she sets goals for him, she helps him to look at things in a positive light. Previously, we had sent him to therapy, but it wasn’t what he needed for his issues. We needed him to learn about self-esteem and positive self-talk, and how to deal with disagreements with friends. She helps him to effectively communicate his thoughts and solve issues in a clear manner. We have seen a major improvement in him!!! It is fabulous for him to have someone other than us to open up to! I truly feel blessed that we found her. We love Bronwyn!!!

Kimberly V- Florida- Virtual

My daughter is dealing with severe anxiety and agoraphobia. Bronwyn greeted her for the first time they met with a huge hug and a warm heart that put her at ease immediately. She left her first session with a smile on her face and already looking forward to their next session. We now have been with Bronwyn for a few months and my daughter adores and trusts her. She feels safe, heard, supported, encouraged and her confidence just keeps building. Bronwyn has a gift and passion working with children. I would highly recommend your child working with Bronwyn....she is the best!

Megan P- Pennsylvania - In person

I am so thankful my son had the opportunity to work with Bronwyn. We tried other things before meeting Bronwyn and nothing compared. The instant connection was positive and refreshing. He meets with her without hesitation and always left feeling empowered. I saw tremendous growth in my son and would highly recommend her. We plan to maintain the relationship moving forward as needed! She is the Best!

Beth G- New Jersey- In person

I am so happy to write this review for Coach Bronwyn. She has been integral in helping my 14-year-old son move the needle in his life. I called her in late spring of 2021 desperate, coming out of the pandemic lockdown and months of hybrid schooling. My son’s outlook on life was less than optimal and his addiction to video games and social media was at an all-time high. My son also has an ADHD diagnosis which creates one more layer of challenge when it comes to coaching him. Bronwyn has helped him, through weekly virtual coaching sessions, shift his negative doubtful mindset to a positive and cheerful one. Little by little, I feel like he is gaining self-confidence (which she weaves into all his sessions). He is now doing really well in school and is beginning to connect with peers in person again. It’s a process that has taken months, but I really see positive changes in his attitude, motivation, performance and sense of personal agency when it comes to thinking about how his choices impact his life. Not everything is perfect, but I think he’s far better off than where he was 7 months ago. Bronwyn really listens to me and to him to formulate her plans to get him there and pivots when necessary to address any issues that come up. I highly recommend her for your child if you’re considering coaching. It has been a game changer for our family.

Julienne K- New York- Virtual

We contacted Bronwyn when we noticed our child struggling with challenges related to Covid restrictions and challenges with the regular ups and downs of growing up! Bronwyn is very kind and skilled. She did an excellent job teaching mindfulness, perspective shifts, and grounding skills to our child. Our child looked forward to FaceTime chats and loved having another adult in life to talk with. Bronwyn is very friendly and like a ray of sunshine! We are very grateful for her help!

Jill L - Utah- Virtual

"At first I was really struggling with confidence and making friends. When I came to Stars Kids Life Coaches I started improving drastically and I now feel my confidence has sky rocketed all together. It has been such an amazing journey here and I am so excited for the future now know I have a lot to take with me." - 16 yr old girl

16 year old female anonymous - in person with Coach Melanie

"Melanie was so positive and motivating to our daughter! We hoped to see more confidence in our daughter and definitely saw a difference after her life coaching sessions! She has become more of an advocate for herself. She has become more courageous in trying new things. She has gone beyond her comfort zone which has taught her she can do things she initially thought she could not! You cannot put a price on this! Life coaching has been a rewarding experience and we are so thankful for Melanie!" - Kelly

Kelly-Pennsylvania- In person with Coach Melanie

“We started my son with Star Kids Life Coaches because he was having trouble navigating his social environment as well as having moments of low self-esteem. We’ve been very happy with the program. My son was paired with Melanie, and upon meeting her I knew this would be a wonderful fit! She has a warm and welcoming demeanor and when she would speak with my son, there was an element of respect and attention between them that immediately allowed him to be himself and feel comfortable. She was very communicative with me and was super flexible around scheduling. I know she is very busy but I never felt like she didn’t have time to answer questions or address mine or my sons concerns. After the 10 sessions, I have seen a great amount of growth with my son, and if you ask my son, he would say that she was very helpful and he truly enjoyed the work he did with her. Together they developed and nurtured a “tool box” for him to use to help navigate social situations and gave him successful strategies that help foster a positive self-image. I would highly recommend Melanie and thank her for everything she’s done for my son!” -Courtney

Courtney- Pennsylvania- In Person With Coach Melanie

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